Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps
Zero Waste Reusable Wraps

Zero Waste Reusable Wraps

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Let’s stop wasting money on single use aluminum foil and plastic wraps, yeah? These Eco-Ego Reusable Beeswax Food Wraps are one of the best sustainable alternatives to plastic wraps, not to mention that they will save you money AND will help our planet by enormously reducing single-use plastic. You'll become a hero of our planet and your wallet, pal.


Unlike plastic wraps which are currently littering our planet, these organic Beeswax Wraps are 100% biodegradable, you literally can toss them in your compost pile or garden after a whole year of use. They last from 120 to 150 uses. The organic beeswax and resin makes them extremely sturdy and fray resistant. 

What are they made of?

These Eco-Ego wraps is made of beeswax, jojoba oil, cotton and tree resin. All organic, biodegradable and sustainable ingredients. Not to mention that thanks to the jojoba oils and pine resin, they get to have an enjoyable and fresh smell, much more preferable than the industrial and chemical smell and compounds of plastic wraps. They are BPA and chemical free, FDA approved, 100% eco-friendly and budget friendly.

Oh but you may wonder: How do you clean them? Well, super easy, simply rinse in cold water and leave out to dry. If you need, use little to no soap. (Remember to use eco-friendly soap and sponge if you can!) Gently rub the wrap with your hands or scrub with a sponge. 

Please keep in mind that Beeswax Wraps cannot be microwaved or washed in hot water, they’re organic, which means that they have the potential to melt in high temperatures.

How to use them:

Beeswax Wraps take advantage of the warmth of your hands to seal around any piece of food or over a bowl, use them exactly like the regular plastic wraps or aluminum foil. Pro-tip: If you ever feel like it, wash your hands with warm water and then use that warmth to seal containers way faster. You can use them to wrap any type of cut fruits, vegetables, cheese, bread, baked goods, sandwiches, snacks and way more. (Note: don’t use them for pineapples and raw meats).

If you take proper care of the wraps then they can last from six months to one year easily.

FUN FANCT: When you first open the package they might have a nice smell of honey which will disappear after a couple of days.

Do you happen to be vegan? We got you. Here in Eco-Ego Boutique we also have vegan reusable wraps which are made of plant-based products such as soy wax, organic tree resin, consciously sourced jojoba oil and coconut oil. Absolutely NO animal by-products.


  • Made of safe and natural materials
  • They can be reused over and over again.
  • 100% compostable and biodegradable 
  • Extremely malleable
  • Easy to clean
  • They last up to a year
  • Waste-free
  • Will save you tons of money in the long run
  • Sustainable and Eco-friendly

Let’s all work towards having a zero waste home by giving a chance to these Beeswax Wraps (or the vegan wraps) which are indeed Earth's natural alternative to single-use plastic wraps. It’s time that we realize how much damage we’re causing to our Earth and to ourselves every single time we choose plastic. Little by little we can choose to forget the comfortable habits of plastic by giving a chance to all the eco-friendly alternatives that we have in hand.


Wraps Sizes:

  • Small: 7x8 inches (17.5x20cm)
  • Medium: 10x11 inches (25x27.5cm)
  • Large: 13x14 inches (33x35cm)

Package Includes: 1 small wrap, 1 medium wrap and 1 large wrap. 

Delivery: FREE SHIPPING! It takes 15 to 45 days for delivery depending on your country, handled with much care. We provide professional and safe packaging. We promise item replacement or money refund if there is any damage or missing piece during delivery.

 (NOTE: Please allow extra shipping time due to COVID-19)