About Us

Eco-Ego Boutique is committed to offering a range of high quality products that open paths for a greener soul and a greener earth. We are on a mission to save the earth from single-use plastics, while saving your wallet from repeat purchases. Our mission is to do our part to help expand the collective consciousness by providing high quality healing products such as our Singing Bowls and Crystals.

We believe that everybody should have access to good quality, convenient, purpose-driven products at an affordable price tag. Which is why all of our products are selected after extensive research to ensure that our inventory is filled with items that fit our dreams. 

As a minority and women owned business, we fully support and embrace ALL races, genders, ethnicity, sexual orientation and nationalities with much love and gratitude. We thrive to inspire and support others in this path of light, and we specially stand in solidarity with the indigenous community as well as all minority groups against systematic racism. 

It is our priority to making sure that all of our customers are happy and satisfied with Eco-Ego Boutique. 

Remember, from self care to Earth care. Let's take care of ourselves while taking care of our Earth.